Dylann Roof, White Supremacist, Brutally Guns Down Nine Black Parishioners At AME Church in Charleston South Carolina

Dylann Roof, a 21 year old white male, walked into the historic AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina and proceeded to sit with black church members as they were holding a Bible Study. After the Bible Study ended, roughly one hour later, he opened fire killing six women and three men. He told one woman he would 'let her live' so that she could tell 'what happened'. He then informed her that he had to kill the parishioners because 'blacks were taking over the world and raping their women'.

He has been apprehended. The families of the murdered have expressed forgiveness, even through their grief.

America still struggles with racism. It seems to be a wound which will not heal.

God Bless those who grieve and give them solace in their sorrow.