Christon Scriven, Dylann Roof's Ignorant Black Friend, Says South Carolina AME Shooter "Not Racist" and he "Still Loves Him".. WOW.

Black People.. THIS is what WE FACE. We have TRULY IGNORANT MEMBERS OF OUR GROUP, Who are READY and WILLING to work on behalf of the ENEMY to help DESTROY US. It is time we push these people from our GROUP.

This fool is claiming to have been the Terrorist Dylan Roof's Black friend. He claims Dylan was not racist. The Europoids are going to use this fool as their primary evidence to dismiss the case that it was a racially motivated hate crime. Fact of the matter, many people who commit hate crimes have "a" friend that belongs to the group they hate. People make exceptions for various reasons but it never means they don't see the group in this way. Just because a racist makes an exception for one Negropean means nothing. Trust me, because of this fool's testimony, Dylan will not be charged with a hate crime. This is why I tell you that the greatest enemy of our race is always the traitor.

I hope somebody presses charges against this Black fool since he admits to having been told that his "friend" was going to commit a mass shooting at University of Charleston (though he ended up doing the church according to the fool). With the widespread mass shootings at schools, the Black fool should have mentioned it to somebody. He is therefore responsible for the deaths of the Black church members and charges should be held against him.

I'm a man, but I am not ashamed to say that I actually cried watching video because it is such a powerful and heartbreaking expression of how enslaved my people are that we will come to the defense of our killer (Stockholm syndrome) so relentlessly. In this war that we are in, with race traitors like this, it is going to be very difficult to win. I don't doubt that this fool was paid to say these things by the government or Euro-American church because they don't want such a racially motivated Black church massacre to be a reality.