Hyde School Withdraws From MPA Tournament Due To Ongoing Racism Directed At Black Ball Players

Hyde School Withdraws From MPA Tournament
Due to Racism.

BATH, Maine —A boarding school that draws students from all over the world is giving up one of its most anticipated events of the year to take a stand against racism.

Hyde School officials said the boys basketball team will no longer play in the Maine Principals Association tournament, which brings thousands of fans to Augusta each year.

Officials said the decision weighed heavy on the hearts and minds of many, but the issue is greater than the game.

“We felt that the right thing to do would be to hang onto all of the great things that have happened at the MPA, but to move on to a different league,” said Laura Gauld, head of the school.

Gauld said the decision came after concerns about biased officiating and racial discrimination, both of which happened in the team’s final game in February.

“A lack of tolerance at times with racial overtones to young people, who all they’re doing is working hard to try to get to a tournament,” Gauld said. “We felt that we could no longer look our students in the eye and say, ‘Turn the other cheek.’”

MPA Executive Director Dick Durost said he became aware of the officiating concerns shortly after the game and said they were addressed.

He said no one in the MPA was told about the racial comments.....