Barstow Police Abuse Pregnant Woman During Illegal Arrest

Unbelievable. We are not safe from these THUGS. That's what these cops are. THUGS. The woman did not have an obligation to provide her name and she was arrested because she did not give her name which the ACLU has stated under state law and federal law, as no crime was committed, she did not have to give her name.

Police are THUGS. When will they realize when they pull crap like this they endanger the lives of their brethren some of whom end up being killed because the black community feels TORMENTED by ruthless, redneck, racist cops.

Watch all the racists yell "She should have given her name!" as if blacks are suppose to be sheep and just roll for any bullshit even when their rights are being violated. There are numerous videos on YouTube showing white people spouting off what their 'rights are' when being questioned by cops but when it comes to an African American many feel blacks do not have the same right. They are hypocrites.

When Cliven Bundy, the White Nevada Rancher whose cattle were illegally grazing on Federal Land resisted the Feds with possies who held RIFLES, some of which were pointed at the HEADS OF FEDERAL AGENTS.... resisted when the Feds came to arrest him he was APPLAUDED by white people everywhere. Even Fox News made him into being a "Freedom Loving Hero" upholding his rights against the mean ole' big bad government. But when black people are accosted on a DAILY FUCKING BASIS the same white folks who applauded this thieving anti government redneck "Bundy" suddenly do a 180 and demand blacks FOLD. Demand blacks BOW DOWN to racist oppressive forces. WHAT THE FUCK. (Excuse the language). No freaking way.

Blacks need to wake up and wake up now. Jar ourselves out of sleep. The police force have become an oppressive terrorizing force and these stories are coming out far more often thanks to technology and social media but this makes me mad as hell. Just imagine the number of blacks, before cell phones, who were shot or beaten or had their rights abused by cops and NOTHING was EVER DONE about it. It's time we stand up to oppressive forces acting under color of law in this country.


Another BULLSHIT ARREST of a young black person and the ACLU is suing as they should be.These brothers were RACIALLY PROFILED.