Bardstown Sheriff Ed Mattingly Expresses Relief The Suspect Shot By His Deputy "Was White", Before Calling The American Public "Misinformed"

Bardstown Sheriff Ed Mattingly gave a press conference on the recent shooting of car chase suspect John Kennedy Fenwick, who crashed three police cars and then tussled with a police officer while trying to take his gun, and said he "thanked God the suspect was white". He then went on to call the American Public 'stupid' and to blame the media for agitating the public in recent high profile police murder cases.

Well, well... Sheriff Mattingly the suspect is glad he is white too. If not, he would been shot seven times with four bullets going into his back. Then he would have been handcuffed and told not to move why bleeding to death.

And Yes!!! Damn the media for misleading the public by showing unarmed blacks shot in the back, 12 year old blacks with airsoft guns shot without the slightest hesitation, or black men choked to death with illegal tactics for selling cigarettes.

This guy is a braying donkey and the fact that he is in charge speaks volumes about the core problem.

<How to make the black guy the bad guy even when he's not involved 101>

They'll never get it. Not a single one of these moron cops will ever get it.

Rural Bardstown Kentucky has less than 12,000 people, and this redneck doofus is standing in front of bunch of microphones with his Homeland Security style graphic backdrop just as smug as a pig in shit that one of his ol' boys got to shoot someone (but luckily not a blah person cause you know how they are, amirite? Amirite? You betcha!)

There should be ZERO police shootings in a town of 12,000 people; black white or whatever. None, ever. And if god forbid there is one I want the Sheriff to be sorry and upset that one of his deputies had to resort to the use of deadly force, not giddy that he got his 15 minutes of fame and opportunity to offer a cracker's version of race relations in America. I certainly don't expect them to create a goddamn YouTube video with zippy intro titles and a freaking soundtrack.

These people are emotionally under-qualified to push a broom, much less be given guns and the authority to use them.