AT&T Fires President, Aaron Slator, Over Sending Racist Text Messages After 100 Million Dollar Discrimination Lawsuit

AT&T Terminates President Aaron Slator Over Racist Text Messages

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At&t has terminated the employment of one of its brash executives after the man was caught sending racist text messages on company phones. Apparently this guy, Aaron Slator, sent a lot of them. AT&T finds itself in the middle of a 100 Million dollar lawsuit for racial discrimination, which was filed by a black 50 year old female employee, Knoyme (NOH-mee) King, who says that racial discrimination is pervasive throughout AT&T. The Lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against not only Aaron Slator but AT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson as well.

I know a few folks who have worked for AT&T and let me tell you.. AT&T reserves its higher offices for white males and WHITE MALES ONLY. The company, from what I've heard by people who have first hand experience working for AT&T, will hire blacks. Mostly temps and contractors. But they rarely bring on blacks to work in their corporate office in permanent positions. These positions are overwhelmingly reserved for white males. Work ethic doesn't matter. Intelligence doesn't matter. The company Execs simply want white males holding the higher positions and this is evident in their Dallas, TX offices as well as many others.

Blacks need to wake up and stop being so daft. I have often heard that AT&T is ranked as one of the top employers for Blacks. I call bullshit on this fabrication. From multiple reports passed to me, the black employees who work for AT&T are quickly fired and pushed out over anything and they are rarely promoted. Apparently in the last few years AT&T has been bringing on staffing companies to permanently handle their staffing. Most of these workers who say they are AT&T employees when speaking to customers are actually low wage temporary employees under 3 to 5 year temporary contracts with their firms before they are to be brought on permanent and few rarely ever even become permanent employees. Most reports allege the black employees are faced with working under an environment where they face intimidation, job uncertainty, and abusive, degrading conditions. AT&T seems to have permanently outsourced its customer care positions and even technical care positions to contractors who work for just a few bucks over minimum wage. It's a company that has adopted a system where only the execs and maybe a few upper crust managers are actually company employees. Hired on directly by AT&T.

But I must give it to AT&T.. They are masters at marketing and they know how to dupe the American public like no other. It's not the company people think it is. I really don't believe it ever has been.

I will tell anyone that working in Corporate America, as an African American, is like working in a pit of vipers. We are faced with incredible and very often pervasive racial discrimination and prejudice and white male employees constantly doubting our abilities, even when we prove our intelligence and work ethic over and over and over to them. Whoever created the phrase that blacks have to work harder than whites to be considered equal was telling the truth. This is why, overwhelmingly blacks prefer public sector employment to private sector employment. They find its more stable and offers more job security with a lot less stress and discrimination.