U.S. Traffic Courts Re-Instituting Debtors Prisons, Federal Lawsuit Says

U.S. Courts are locking people up left and right because of their inability to pay traffic fines.

Now this is a story that I'm scratching my head on. The rich white folks just found this out? How can that be? All of my life I have known people that were thrown in jail left and right because they were too poor to pay traffic fines. The judges in very small towns and municipalities won't work with you. They don't care if you have a job. They don't care if you have recently lost a spouse or suffered some medical emergency. They put the fines against you ANYWAY. Even when you go to court and tell them you can not afford to pay. So much about this damn country is a LIE. Nothing but a LIE. The small towns have budgets that depend on the fines being paid. They put more and more cops on 'ticket patrol' to ticket more and more people. They will ticket you in some places whether you are breaking the law or not. Because THEY NEED THE MONEY. They are policing FOR PROFIT. Not SAFETY.

Many small town courts intentionally do not offer community service because they want the money. Take many small towns here in Texas. Their courts do not offer community service. INTENTIONALLY.