Department of Justice Releases Damning Report On City Of Ferguson Missouri

The Department of Justice on Wednesday released the much-anticipated report of its investigation into the Ferguson, Missouri, police department. While the DOJ did not charge former police Officer Darren Wilson in connection with the death of Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager who was shot dead in August, its separate, 102-page report reveals some shocking insights into racial tension between the department's majority white cops and the community's black residents.
Some experts said the costs of correcting the damage may cause the city to consider eliminating its small police department, and contracting with another law enforcement agency.
Here are some of the worst offenses detailed in the report:

Ferguson officials routinely sent racist emails:
There's a double standard within Ferguson officials who see blacks as lacking "personal responsibility," yet it was common for officials to write off tickets for their own friends:

Officials used racial slurs against residents:

A woman once called Ferguson police to report a domestic violence incident, but the police ended up arresting her instead:

The DOJ investigation shows that Ferguson officials' bad actions have significant, life-altering, consequences for residents:

the only people who will attempt to defend the actions of the Ferguson police dept. will be racists themselves...using a whole bunch of misdirection to point away from the facts that the police did criminal actions and perpetuated a hate campaign to which the residents in the area finally rebelled through the ferguson riots....something that we "white folk" should know about since we rebelled against unjust rule by someone named King George...

Born and raise in the South and none of this surprises me in the least. The black community as well as the poor have many reasons to distrust pigs, don't trust them myself. My opinion and I have every right to hold and express it.

Laurel Lee ·  Top Commenter
Sue sue sue. Sue the city, county, state, the police dept, individuals like judges and prosecutors who scammed the poor and minorities while bailing out their family and friends, sue er'body involved in this terrorism of Americans! Sue for BILLIONS. And no, we won't bail out the state. They should go bankrupt and every poor and minority citizen should receive a check to help them relocate out of that hellhole.