Youtube Star GloZell Green, White liberal Media Join Forces To Depict Black Women As Fools


This woman, Glozell Green, is absolutely disgusting.

She's A Heavy, Weave wearing, teeth showing, grinning from ear to ear, loud, attention seeking
FOOL, and unbelievably she wears green lipstick to boot. What was President Obama's people thinking?

Look at the white chick who is another Youtube Star. Now look at Glozell Green. The white chick is normal. Glozell Green a fake hear wearing, green lipstick donning FOOL. All to get attention. She met the most powerful man on earth and the First Black President and she acted like a bumbling idiot. All to get the attention of white people.

White people love to see black women act like this. I noticed even the white employers like "coonish acting" blacks, especially here in Texas. If you come in there to work for them thinking  on your feet and behaving 'intelligently' they quickly get rid of you. If you come in there bearing your teeth and grinning from ear to ear they feel right at home with you. It must reinforce in them the stereotypes that blacks are intellectually inferior or uncouth. Ignorant.

President Obama should FIRE whoever chose this woman to meet with him. Really!?!

Rob Low Slams President Obama's meeting with Glozell Green.
And I don't blame him. I'm also like... WTF?!

Glozell Green eating cereal out of a bathtub.
 This woman is in her 50's!!
White people would never in a million years flock to see a white woman embarrassing herself like this.