Random Thoughts From A Lifelong Black Texan On His Life Experiences with Racism In The Lone Star State

If you just read some of the posts and pictures that these white folks
are posting, you will have your answer. I have never lived up north.
I grew up in east Texas on a farm. My dad worked for the Schlitz beer
company. Back then, each beer truck had two people on it. One to
drive it and one to load and unload the cases of beer. The white boy
drove and the Negro did the loading. My mother cleaned white folks
houses for a living. Back then, the police would come into the Black
neighborhood to target practice with his gun on any dog that he saw.

I remember clearly sitting in my first grade classroom (with the
windows up because we had no AC). All of a sudden, there was a loud
BOOM right outside the classroom window. The teacher got up to see
what it was and sat back down. We all starred at her waiting on an
explanation which she never gave. When recess time came and we went
outside, there was a dog lying just a few feet from the building with
a big bloody hole in its side and flies beginning to gather at its

 There were SEVERAL incidents of some young Black girl found
raped and dead in a plum orchard or near the railroad. In one case
that I remember, it was a little Black BOY! There was an area of
vacant land not far from our house that we all called the "red dirt."
It was mostly red clay so only a very few types of vegetation could
grow there. I walked the red dirt kinda regularly picking up pop
bottles and such. Glass pop bottles could be sold for cash back then
and a dime was a lot of money to a kid back then. Not paying a great
deal of attention, I walked up on 3 white guys with small paper bags
breathing into them. I froze. One of them saw me. He told me, "Come
here baby... we gonna fuck you.

" I "unfroze" then and headed for the house as fast as my legs could run. 
 I had never heard the f-word used and had no idea what it meant. 
 I just knew they were white and I wasn't sticking around.

 Back then, a sissy was what we called guys
that wouldn't come and throw footballs with the rest of the guys and I
never heard the word gay used in the derogatory meaning until I got to
college. Now though, I know beyond the shadow of doubt that for them
to be looking at a little boy and saying something like that, they had
to be homosexuals. 

 I also know that what they were doing with the
paper bags is called huffing and is a means of getting high with
airplane glue or something like that. White people around here have
always been immoral. 

 My parents taught us to stay away from them. 

 My dad told me stories about Black guys that became involved with white
girls and were later found dead when the information got out. Dallas
is no better than where I grew up. They have been convicting Black
guys for absolutely NOTHNG for years around here. 

 Craig Watkins managed to get over 30 of them exonerated but that was 
just the tip of the iceberg. That was why the powers that be got together and made
sure that he was "voted" out of office and replaced with a white

 There are hundreds if not thousands still sitting in jails and
prisons for being black. You will see that there are COUNTLESS racists and bigots around here.
They say we are all on welfare and that we rob, steal, and commit all
of the heinous crimes. At the same time, if you count up the number
of Blacks that make the news for something heinous and compare it to
the number of whites, it is clear whose morality is worse. 

 They made a big deal about the Cowboy's player who wrecked the car and killed
his best friend, but you heard very little mention of Ethan Couch who
got drunk and killed FOUR people (including a youth pastor) and got a
slap on the wrist. back in the day, they would give a Black person 5
years in prison for a joint of weed and give a white boy probation for
a pound. The only thing that has changed over the years are
calendars. Everything we own is paid for and I am too old to be
attempting to start over. Otherwise, I would be looking at
possibilities of leaving this place too.