Black People Are Treated Like Lepers In Texas

Just being honest.

My friend who is Hispanic confided in me the other day that the restaurant she has worked at for over 10 years does not hire blacks. When blacks come in to eat, the other waitresses (all white or hispanic) run away from having to serve them.

This was not surprising to me. I don't care what anyone says. Living in Texas is similar to being a Leper if you're black. Especially within the corporations and Institutions. You are shunned and avoided and even when hired often relegated to the lower end positions.

I've lived in many different places and I have never felt my black skin was a 'curse' as I do in Texas. We are suppose to be in a post racial society but really we aren't. White folks can pretend we are but blacks still see the difference in treatment. We see companies that simply refuse to hire us. Regardless of our qualifications. Corporations that refuse to promote us. Restaurants that grudgingly serve us and refuse to hire us. It has to stop.

We are partly to blame. Why eat at a restaurant where the folks run away from serving you? That refuses to even hire your kind? Yet they take your money? WTF? If you are black and you walk into a place and don't see ANYONE who looks like YOU working there get the FUCK OUT! LEAVE!

We need to stop spending our money with folks who won't hire us!