American Corporations Are Unpatriotic

This past labor day my employer congratulated the vets and showed videos of the American Flag blowing in the wind, with very uplifting and patriotic music in the background and I thought... WHAT FRAUDS.

My company is a Fortune 100 Company. It's huge. Yet it has been outsourcing AMERICAN JOBS overseas for many years and in-sourcing "LOW COST" Talent to displace American born, bred and trained talent. This isn't about trying to stay 'profitable'. My company has had some of the highest profit years its ever seen. It's about GREED.

Greed is written into the Fabric of America. Greed is written into the very structure of the American Corporation. We are taught at a young age that greed is bad. But when I look around me I see that Greed is championed. Especially on Wall Street. Especially here in Texas.

Why won't we secure our borders? GREED. Floods of low wage labor crossing the American Border every year keeps the Chamber of Commerce and its backers very happy. Just look here at Texas for an example. A company not too far away from where I live was recently busted by ICE for hiring illegal immigrants. It was the THIRD such violation in recent years. The company has a tract record of reluctantly hiring Americans until they feel the Government's eye is no longer upon them and then they go right back to hiring illegals. These are already LOW WAGE JOBS. The company  wants to pay even LOWER wages.

Just take into consideration the fact the minimum wage (although recently raised in some states) still has not kept pace with inflation. If minimum wage had kept pace with inflation the starting salaries in America would be around $22 dollars an hour.

Some of the largest and most profitable American corporations, including Apple and others, are notorious for engaging in sophisticated tax schemes that offshore their profits and allow them to pay $0 dollars in taxes on billions of dollars in revenue. These guys have NO SHAME. I mean really? They couldn't even pony up $1,000 to give to the Government? Just to try and save a little face? They had to go all the way for $0.. Nada.. Nothing.. being paid to the Government.

And you don't hear not one cry from Republicans. Nothing at all. Yet if you, or I, or the Average American defrauded the U.S. Government out of Taxation like these Billion dollar corporations do we would be damned to hell by Republicans. They would take the moral high ground with us immediately.

I wish the American people would wake up. Our government does not represent us or our interests. That's why we constantly engage in wars of 'convenience'. To bankroll the military contractors and establishment. Our Government only cares about the privileged, wealthy few.

Just my two cents.