So Wingspan Portfolio Advisors has countered the numerous allegations and complaints of racial discrimination by now hiring a black Human Resources Director. Well, that's a start but we are not fooled. Human Resources takes their marching orders from management. When I was at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors it didn't matter about your education or qualifications when it came to promotions. The Human Resources Director would march his ass right into the manager's office and the manager at the time, Justin Belter, Jason Dickard, and others, would often promote their friends. People who had far less skills and qualifications. White males, often those with no experience and very limited education would often be promoted over much more qualified minorities. They would be trained to supervise the very folks who held more experience than them. It was all reverse at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors with white skin color carrying more privilege than everything else. I doubt the new Human Resources Director will be any different. 

I've learned something about the white men in Texas. If they don't get a promotion within the first 6 months to one year at the company (especially if they are working around a high percentage of minorities) they will quit. Companies know this. White men in Texas have tremendous power because their skin color carries tremendous privilege. It still does. So what do companies do to keep white males employed at their firms? They PROMOTE THEM so that they can SUPERVISE the 'COLOREDS'.