White Girlfriend of Lennon Lacy, Black Man Lynched in NC, Say They Had Received Threats Over Interracial Relationship

The family of a teen found hanging from a swing wants more investigation into their son's death. Victor Blackwell reports.

Federal investigators are looking into the death of African American teenager Lennon Lacy, whose hanging death in North Carolina was initially declared a suicide. Allen Rogers, the family’s attorney, sits down with Arise America and the teen’s mother, Claudia Lacy, who explains why she thinks her son was lynched.

Lennon Lacy's White Girlfriend, Michelle Brimhall, Says She Believes Lennon was MURDERED for Dating Her. A WHITE WOMAN in a small, southern town. 

Swinging Set Lennon Lacy Was Found Hanging From. The Swing Set was located in the middle of a White Trailer Park. No one (of course they would claim ignorance) saw ANYTHING. 

African Americans Need Federal Protection.