African Americans Targeted and Lynched in 2014

This post is raw unfettered honesty and applies to every rural, southern area and not just in Texas.

This is just my opinion but I've noticed that here in Texas black people don't stray far out the main metropolitan areas because they don't the trust the cops in these small Texas towns or the townsfolk and honestly one can't blame us. 

I like Dallas and Houston and although I've never been to Austin, one doesn't have to drive too far out of the metroplex to get the feeling we've traveled back in time. When I say traveled back in time I am referring to the mentalities of many of the white people. They are not as 'socially accepting of minorities' as many of their counterparts within the major cities. they are quite hostile in fact. I have often found, and heard from many others, that rural white Texans are more overt in their racism and even the police and town officials (including the judges) are redneck, good ole'boy, federal government hating, racist, anti immigrant, religious nutcases.

It's honestly like driving into the backwoods of that movie 'wrong turn' which features inbred, cannibalistic West Virginian retards who end up killing  a bunch of folks. 

I use to love being able to drive the countryside where I come from but I can't do that here in Texas. And it's not just in Texas. It's the rural South. Any southern state when you get far outside the cities where most minorities tend to live it becomes a dangerous activity. It's a frightening experience because subconsciously, as an African American, it's as if we understand our 'rights' have suddenly become suspended. Voided. These guys can do whatever they want because you're vulnerable. They know it. It's your word against the entire town administration. Being black makes it just too damn dangerous to take these sort of 'road trips' that we often see depicted in American movies without feeling some major trepidation. 

I'm reminded of Alfred Wright, the young black man in an interracial marriage whose body was found in the woods in a small Texas town. The town's white sheriff, immediately told his family he must have been on drugs when he had never met the guy and then his department made a half hearted effort to find this man soon after giving up. Alfred Wright's family organized a group of friends and in a few days walked upon his body in the woods, not far from where he had last been seen. Alfred Wright was in a town known for racial tension and he happened to be in the wrong kind of a relationship (interracial) in this town.

Beside Alfred Wright's body, lying on the ground, was a shiny silver dime. Alfred had on no clothes. Whoever murdered him had stripped his clothing. So where did the dime come from?

The sheriff's girlfriend, an older white woman, later came forward and said when she was dating the sheriff the sheriff was a collector of dimes and often placed them in places he had gone. She would often find the dimes on her bed pillow and in her car placed above her sun visor by the sheriff. She told investigators it was the sheriffs calling card. 

The Justice Department is currently investigating the death as a mysterious death and all the information so far points to high up white officials in the town being culpable. 

Most people have no clue how dangerous many of the rural towns across the South, especially in a place like Texas, are for minorities. This is why most minorities stay very close to the metroplex. 

From my experience in many of these small towns the people don't believe they should be subject to any federal rules or oversight and often pass legislation that contradicts with federal law. They're crooked and racist and very dangerous people and trust me, the worst person a minority can run into in a small Texas town is a gun toting, rabidly racist, federal government hating, Texas loon. 

So for now I think I'll continue to stay 
Within the metroplex. I won't be venturing out unless I absolutely have to and more than likely then it will be to the airport and back.