Black Oppression and Despair_The United States of America is A Fraud

I have no more love for America. 
God DAMN this country.

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It's 1:44 a.m. on the day after Christmas. I have not been in the Christmas spirit. I've been thinking a lot. The major news networks have lately been inundated with issues of 'race' and 'class' in America. It's like America is going backwards in these areas.  I am angry. I've now come to realize that Texas, as indeed much of the country, still has a ways to go in race relations. I have seen too many blacks here get passed over for promotions or denied employment altogether. I have heard of large corporations here, or those that have offices here, which are usually family owned, that have no African Americans working for them. Out of many hundreds if not thousands of employees. It's amazing this is still happening in America. They have managed to fly beneath the radar of the EEOC because they have no blacks and no one inside the company cares enough to report the discrimination. Evidently they hire a lot of like minded people. This has led to the 'wealth' in Texas being overwhelmingly in the hands of white people. Too many black people are struggling. 

The other day CNN carried a news story about how the average white household wealth is around $141,000 and the average black household wealth in America has fallen to just over $11,000.00. This wealth gap is worse than what existed between blacks and whites in Apartheid South Africa. Unbelievable. Now this is very depressing. 

The truth is, in Texas, if you are African American, there is a high likelihood that your college degree and your experience won't matter. Your qualifications will be disregarded if you have black skin. You will be offered positions right alongside those with high school diplomas unless you are in a highly specialized field. However white people with the very same qualifications will be offered positions paying them well, where they will often be supervising blacks who should be working alongside them instead of beneath them.

Yes.. I know.. I need to leave Texas. A friend who has already left told me that about two years ago. He was college educated with no criminal record and very clean cut. He stated the atmosphere here wasn't conducive to blacks finding good jobs. That is why the majority of the African Americans are over represented in the Public Sector as opposed to the private sector. Other African Americans have dropped out the job market here altogether because of the hostility they face within Corporate America by whites. I'm tired the double standard. We aren't 'good enough' no matter how much education or experience we have. Yet their sons and daughters are 'good enough' when they have minimal education or experience.

America is regressing in racial relations to the point I now question whether blacks should even be loyal to this country? Does this nation represent our interests? Or only the interests of whites? Why is it that we can't get a foothold in this country 150 years after slavery? The media can inundate us with the smiling, well dressed 'tokens' but we here in black america know that these folks are far and few between. For every one of them, there are millions of blacks incarcerated, discriminated against, impoverished, locked out of wealth by some form or fashion. 

Should blacks be loyal to America? There are some who will say "Well, what other nation on earth is good for blacks. They have it the best in America". I now question this response. And even if that were faintly true, my question still is "should blacks be loyal to America"? America owes us much more than it has afforded us, especially given our history of slavery, Jim Crow and the systemic discrimination that is so prevalent within our country today.

You have the majority of black men in prison or segregated into impoverished neighborhoods where they have to prey on each other just to survive. The majority of black families broken from poverty and single parent households because the men are in prison.You have black unemployment that is higher than all other races, even when education and experience of the applicant are comparable to higher skilled whites. You have a huge wealth gap between blacks and whites that is at its highest point than its been in the past 60 years, being equivalent to the wealth gap between whites and blacks under Apartheid South Africa. You have statistic after statistic that shows blacks receive longer and harsher sentences than whites for the same exact crimes. 

Again my question is should Black Americans be loyal to America? America doesn't practice what it preaches. She needs to exit from the world stage because America is a FRAUD. The United States have no moral standing over any other country in the world. She practices terrorism not just against others in the world, but against her own people. 

My question to America is "How can you preach to others"? when you have so much injustice within your own borders? The answer is you can't. 

The Racism and Discrimination and the "UNEQUAL ACCESS TO WEALTH" between blacks and whites in America must stop. 

Or else it will be time to turn our backs on the Flag. and call for a Revolution. 

The Infinite One
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