Possessed White Racist Attacks Freedom Group For Publicizing Racism

We’re not sure what was the worse idea – the Tacoma News Tribune actually printing a opinion-editorial submitted by J.Z. Knight— who runs a cult in Yelm, claims to be possessed by a 35,000-year-old spiritual warrior entity named Ramtha, and donates a lot of money to Democrats —or Knight herself for actually writing the piece.

Knight took to the pages of the TNT to blast the Freedom Foundation for allegedly misrepresenting her racist and bigoted remarks. Specifically, Knight claims that the Freedom Foundation illegally distributed videos of her pretending to be under the powers of Ramtha and ranting bigoted and racist remarks against Catholics, Jews, Muslims and the homosexual community. Knight further claims that the Freedom Foundation “heavily edited” the videos and that two individuals “admitted to editing the originals”—a lie rejected by the courts.

In May 2014, Knight filed a suit against the Freedom Foundation and “staff member Glen Morgan, along with his wife, an eighth-grade teacher with no other ties to the case” for copyright infringement. Morgan says he received the video of Knight’s racist rant from an anonymous source two years ago — and after the videos initially became public, the state Democrat Party was embarrassed enough to return Knight’s donations (after first spending the money on their candidate campaigns, of course.

This year, after it became public knowledge that the Thurston County Democrat Party was accepting donations from Knight, her racist rant once again became the subject of public scrutiny.

Now, two years after the initial release of the videos, Knight has filed a lawsuit. Her attorney claims that “the videos were lifted from a copyrighted webcast and every viewer who watched it online signed a nondisclosure agreement that prevented them from sharing the content.” You see, Knight wants to be able to go on her possessed racist rants without the trouble of the public actually knowing what she said.

Knight’s attorney also accuses “Morgan or the source who forwarded the clips to him of “carefully selecting the most provocative moments of the presentation” to make Knight look foolish.” Morgan and the Freedom Foundation’s attorney “countered that the entire cache of videotapes includes 17 hours of material.” The videos were edited for length (down to 42 minutes), not content. Knight is encouraged to release all 17 hours to prove her claim that the Freedom Foundation doctored the video… but, of course, she won’t.

Knight bizarrely wraps up her editorial by implying that the Freedom Foundation is the John Birch Society II, only disguised under the auspices of freedom, and claims the “ring-wing” organization uses tactics of intimidation against its “enemies” — a sad attempt turn the tables. Perhaps it’s time for Ms. Knight to take a long break from allowing Ramtha to possess her… the 35,000 year-old racist warrior clearly isn’t doing her any good.

Since yesterday was primary day, let’s also remember that this is the woman that the Thurston County Democrat chair referred to as a “good Democrat” from which he had no issues taking money from, to help other “good Democrat” candidates. That opinion apparently goes for 35th LD state Senate candidate Irene Bowling, who is the primary beneficiary of Knight’s donations.