Burn Ferguson Burn. Rage and Frustration Expressed Through Ferguson Missouri Riots.

I am black and the anger and rage I feel against what has happened to Mike Brown is overwhelming. 

I've seen quite a bit of commentary asking why blacks riot. Why do blacks burn their own neighborhoods? If I may, here's my take - we riot because it provides an outlet for our anger. We distrust law enforcement and the justice system for good reason. There is systemic racism and white supremacy infused throughout both. 

We own very little in our neighborhoods not because of lack of trying or lack of will- but simply because there is systemic discrimination in the job market that keeps many blacks, regardless of education or experience, at a significantly reduced earning capacity. Therefore we lack the capital to start businesses in our own neighborhoods. Drive around any black community and I can guarantee you that here in the U.S. A significant percentage of the businesses are owned and controlled by non blacks who take the money they earn from blacks and invest it outside of our communities. 

They never give back. We lose nothing by burning their businesses as they bring in their family members or non blacks to work in them anyway. 

Racism is all throughout our existence here in the U.S. This has bred a distrust of the system and a lack of respect for this system. We care nothing for these neighborhoods. Few of us own the homes or the businesses and many of us feel as if we are TRAPPED. We have no claim to anything. 

Yet we understand something very fundamental which is to hurt the white man and to effectively get our message out we can attack his earning capability,  because the white man places money over all. When the money goes, unlike blacks, the white man is quickly driven to suicide. Money is the White Man's LORD.  It has outsized influence in his life. It dictates all if his actions. People say money is the root if all evil, but I say the 'love of money' is the root of all evil. The white man has historically placed wealth so high in his life it drove him to colonize people across the world, enslave people for free labor and to invade other nations to obtain their resources. God isn't with the white man. The curse has been placed on what he values most which is his money. The curse is he can never get enough. He will never be satisfied. Look at Robin Williams - driven to suicide even though he lived a charmed and comfortable life compared to many. Look at Bernie madoff. So greedy he was a billionaire and still was scamming people. This is, as I stated, the white mans curse.  That's why we attack and burn the white man's businesses. We have no claim to the business. It doesn't enrich our lives in any way. While the white man lives large off of our labor we are in POVERTY. Trickle down Economics has NEVER worked. The money trickles UP. NEVER DOWN. Trickle Down Economics is just another sophisticated white bullshit lie. We've been practicing trickle down economics for YEARS and the rich in America has increasingly become richer while the poor and middle class become POORER. We aren't crazy. This entire economic and judicial system is set up to keep blacks vulnerable, dependent, weak and POOR. So what if its in our neighborhood. We have no claims or feelings of attachment to our neighborhoods. We are TRAPPED by our POVERTY, pushed and segregated into our communities, surrounded by others who are  trapped, segregated, unemployed, frustrated and angry just like we are. 

If one business leaves we can go somewhere else. We may have to drive a little farther but who cares. We already live on the margins of society. Struggle is all we know. 

God Damn America. This nation will be CURSED until it does right by US.