Rich Wisconsin Latino, Dagoberto Ibarra, Derails Immigration Rally by Calling Obama a " Nigger " - Video

A prominent Milwaukee businessman called President Barack Obama a "nigger" during an immigration reform rally on Wednesday, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Dagoberto Ibarra was in the middle of an impassioned speech in which he criticized both Democrats and Republicans for the lack of progress on immigration reform. "The Republicans are Nazis," he said. "The Tea Party are the KKK. But the Democrats are doing nothing, for our country, for me." He then claimed that the reported figures of illegal immigrants currently in the country only count "the people with brown faces. The people who came here from Germany, from the Soviet Union, they are here illegally, but you don't see them, because you people are used to seeing white. If you're white, you're OK."

"If you're not white, you're selling drugs, you're smuggling, you're no good," Ibarra continued. "I'm brown — as brown as I could be. And I don't see anyone doing anything. They all pass the buck. The Congress has done nothing."

"You know why not?" he asked. "Because the nigger is in charge."

He then quickly walked off the stage. Conservatives attending the event were quick to distance themselves from Ibarra and his remarks.

George Klaetsch told the Journal Sentinel that Ibarra was not even supposed to speak at the event, which was part of the National Day of Action for Immigration Reform.

The Hispanic Ibarra was supposed to be "part of the backdrop for the visual," he said.

For his part, Ibarra apologized for his statement, but insisted that it wasn't meant to reflect his own beliefs. "I was making reference to what Republicans say," he told the Journal Sentinel in a telephone interview yesterday.

Earlier this week, James Lincoln Collier, wrote a column entitled "The Nigger in the White House," in which he also tried to criticize conservatives by emulating what he believes they say behind closed doors.