Melanin: The God Particle

Melanin The God Particle is a documentary film that explores the mysteries and theories associated with melanin.

About The Film: "Melanin The God Particle"

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the study of melanin. Some scientist say that melanin is only responsible for the skin pigmentation while others claim that it is a lot more to than that. There are many theories associated with melanin by scholars, such as melanin allowing people of color to receive sound in its fullness, allowing them to see colors in its fullness, allowing them to develop spiritually at a much faster rate, and the claim that diamonds are a result of melanin and carbon fusing together just to name a few. There are also startling claims that suggest that people of color organs are being stolen from their graves to use the melanin in which they have. Its been said that people of color organs are in very high demand. Could this possibly be true? Many melanin scholars claim that melanin is a superconductor and that it absorbs all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. They claim It can convert sound energy to light energy reversibly and that it can function as a minicomputer to process information. This film will examine each and every theory associated with melanin. We will examine what melanin is, why is it so important to human existence, and why the science of melanin is being hidden from the general population. We have some of the top metaphysical teachers apart of the film including but not limited to Dr. Phil Valentine, Taj Tariq Bey, Dr. Supreme Understanding, Brother Polite, and more.

Why this film is important:

This film is important because if the claims that are made in this film are in fact true this could completely reconstruct the phycological damage that plagues blacks in today's society. This type of information could empower the entire black race. As Aristotle said, " Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." To know that you are the source of all life is the beginning of the greatest discovery of all which is the discovery of "self". African Americans in this country are only told that their history started from slavery. Every time an African American looks into a history book they see pictures of their ancestors being chained and tortured. Imagine the phycological damage thats being done by seeing these images. Imagine how those images affects the everyday life of the average African American. Nobody in America gets to the root of the problem when it comes to the problems in the African American community and the root of the problem is blacks do not have knowledge of self, knowledge of their true identity. This film will be an attempt to shed light on a more positive aspect of the black race rather than the usual scrutiny. With every problem there is something that led up to it. Could a hidden history be the reason that these problems exist within the black community? There was a documentary film that had a black child look at two pictures. One of the pictures was a white child and one was a black. The gentlemen asked the black child to point out who was prettier and smarter. The black child proceeded to point at the white child and explained she thought that the white child was prettier and smarter because she had white skin. She was never taught the beauty of her own skin. Many black children go through life with that same belief which causes them to feel inferior in this society. This film will be an attempt to restore that confidence.

What The Budget Will Be Used For:

The money from kick starter will be used for the equipment used in the film which includes canon 5d mark ii, canon 7d, slider, dolly, tripod, camera jib, condenser microphones, and lighting setup. It will also be used for traveling fees to each city in which the interviews will be conducted, post production expenses, distribution expenses, as well as expenses for motion graphics, compositing, and sound design. 

Our minimum goal is $25,000. Anything more than the minimum will be added to production to create an even more dynamic and successful project. 

We sincerely thank everyone who helps support this film.