Interracial Dating

This subject can go on and on. Black man, white woman, today's norm. We've all heard black men say why they love being with a white woman. She's more submissive, in and out of the bedroom, doesn't have the attitude and aggression of black women, willing to do things sexually black women won't, doesn't talk back (I thought you could only "talk back" to your parents) doesn't question him and play detective like black women, basically putting her on a higher pedestal. I will say this, it's not true of all white women. I have several best white girlfriends and these ladies ain't no joke. They have smart mouths, attitudes at times, and don't play into that "he's my man so I do whatever he says" role. And they've only dated black men. Go figure. 

But, we never really talk about a white man with a black woman. It's almost like that's forbidden for a black woman to turn her back on the brothas and jump ship to the other side. Let me tell you, I've never been with a white man but I'm not opposed to it. It's just that Channing Tatum got married, and Paul Walker unfortunately passed away. But if the right one comes along, I'm on him! 

Back to the subject. I was out the other night and saw quite a few white men checking me out, as well as other black women, and decided to "interview" one for this particular blog. We'll call him Steven. I asked Steven what is it about black women that you like, that turns you on. His answer was quite interesting. He said I love women of color and black women come in all shades of color. White women come in one color, white (his words). Then he went a little deeper. He said there's nothing like having sex with a black woman. She's sensual, knows how to move her hips, how to kiss him, and they taste amazing. I said taste? Yes, a black woman taste very sweet, almost like berries. It makes him a very enthusiastic eater because he can't get enough (where's my fan and I need a drink). Then he goes on to say he likes ASS! He can't stand a flat butt woman. He likes hips, thighs, booty, something he can grab on to when hitting it from the back (oh my). He likes a little wiggle in his jiggle (this man was cracking me up). Now some of you may be thinking this is a white boy that likes hip hop, rap, soul food and "acts" black. NO! I asked him what he does for a living. Steven is an investment broker for JP Morgan (he gave me his card). He was nicely dressed in what I can only assume was a Gucci suit, very clean cut with a short blonde haircut, and was maybe in his late 40's early 50's. He was very interesting. 

I have a girlfriend that only dates white men, so I asked her what's the difference between being with a white man and being with a black man. Her first answer was their money and their generosity to spend that money on his woman. She said she found they were much more successful, more financially secure, invested their money in things to benefit them long term, instead of trying to go broke by having a house and car they couldn't afford all to impress people. She said they were very attentive to a woman's needs. He made it all about her and not "if you want me to go down on you you have to talk into the mic first" kinda thing (black men do love a mic check don't they). She said black men she used to date made it seem like you couldn't anything from them unless they were getting something from you (hmm...true to a point). She said black men (her opinion) were very selfish. Now for her, she said sex with a white man is totally different. The myth that they have a small penis was just that...a MYTH. She said she's had some that would put a black man to shame (really now). She also said oral sex is different. They stay the duration, until you've had that orgasm and then some (black men do that too girl). She said for her, she found that the black men would go down there as a teaser, just to get it going, nice and wet, then just as she's getting into it they come up for air and ready to get it crackin'. Lol wow! 

Like I said earlier, we can go on and on about this, but for now I'll leave you with this...brothas you like your white women, some sistas like their white men. It doesn't really matter what your flavor is, as long as that flavor is satisfying your palette...