Black People Must Become Business Owners and Investors to Have Economic Power

I've said this all along. Until blacks stop being "Consumers" and become more competitive as "Producers" we will never be fully respected. 


I was encouraged to see a message I've been stating all along displayed by this young brother in this video which is a message that promotes self sufficiency within the African American community.

I have decided to start a financial boot camp for African Americans. The financial system now is filled with sophisticated "entrapment" of blacks and other minorities who are not savvy when it comes to dealing with these big companies and their clever contracts. I have seen to many blacks get in absolutely awful deals when it comes to financing cars and homes and other products. The first rule of thumb I will teach is to always be prepared to WALK AWAY from any deal that is predatory and lopsided and exploitative. However my first responsibility will be to teach others exactly what a predatory and lopsided deal is as I have encountered many that simply don't know. I'm angry at how we as blacks have been exploited. It's time for that shit to STOP.

Don't Just Give them Competition; Give them HELL

We need to understand what the JEWS and WHITES understand which is HOW MONEY WORKS.

I will also encourage entrepreneurship in the black community as well. I was driving around Dallas not to long ago and was very disheartened to count the number of businesses owned and controlled by other races. 99.9% of ALL THE BUSINESS in the BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS in Dallas, TX are owned and controlled by NON BLACKS. 

And we have the nerve to wonder why we are not getting hired.

To my brothers and sisters out there who have gone to college and earned the degree and are disillusioned with the white male dominated Corporate America.. My advice to you is..

Stop doing the work of three people to make the white man rich. START YOUR OWN BUSINESS. 

That way you will make your own hours, never have to worry about discrimination and have no caps on what you earn. The "Glass Ceiling" we often encounter will no longer be a concern. The only person YOU will have to answer to is YOU.

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