World's Richest Woman Fantasizes About Slave Wages

Gina Rinehart, World's Richest Woman, Laments Workers Making A Livable Wage and Boasts the "Africans" are willing to work for $2 Dollars Per Day. 

Gina Rinehart, the world's richest woman, is at it again! The Australian woman who inherited her riches just a few days ago lectured the poor about being poor because they don't work hard enough. Now she's going on record telling Australian worker's that they demand too much money in wages and the minimum wage in Australia is too high because she can go over to Africa and hire miners for $2 a day!

This fat, greedy, obese, gluttonous, ultra capitalist PIG. I wonder how SHE would feel if SHE had to work for TWO DOLLARS PER DAY? Capitalism has become a PERVERSE SYSTEM of UNCHECKED GREED.

In Her Own Despicable Words Below:

This woman is overseas but don't forget greedy American Capitalists think NO DIFFERENT. This is why markets in impoverished nations with NO MINIMUM WAGE such as the Philippines, India, Africa are so appealing. They work those people like HEBREW SLAVES. And would work YOU like one TOO if it wasn't for the US Government.