The Struggle Of African Americans Against Corporate Racism & Oppression In The USA, & The Case Of Assata Shakur

On this week’s program, Kudakwashe hosts African Historian, Political Analyst, & Editor of Pan-African News Wire, Abayomi Azikiwe & Media Veteran & Co-founder of Community Progressive Radio Metro (CPR Metro), Bernard White, in a very crucial progressive discussion on “The Struggle of African Americans Against Corporate Racism & Oppression In the USA“.

Relevant to this topic, the case of African American freedom fighter Assata Shakur, and the impact of Barak Obama’s presidency on African Americans, also comes under scrutiny. The panel additionally discusses the important role of Africa’s intelligence, a reflection of the Conference of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa hosted by President Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe this week.

At a recent public address, Abayomi Azikiwe reported that since end of March this year, the city of Detroit has been under a “financial emergency”, a direct consequence of the havoc that has been wreaked by financial institutions. This has caused, flight of employment, loss of homes through predatory lending – affecting 237 000 people, repression, and shutting off of utility services, among others.

The imposed financial emergency management has been instated in all of the major areas where African American people live across the state. This exposes that the African American people of Michigan are currently under “dictatorial rule and corporate fascism.” In this nation-wide pattern directly affecting African Americans in the USA, increased numbers of people are being driven out of cities.

Though the corporate media would impress the public to believe that the reason behind the underdevelopment and impoverishment of African Americans (and Africans as a whole), is because we Black skinned, racism is used in a relentless attempt to isolate and alienate people of color, even from suburbs also facing similar crises of foreclosures, cuts to public education, job losses and business closures.

The discussion brings gut-wrenching realities of the plight of African Americans in the USA, an illustration of the exploitation of Africans world-wide, especially on the motherland of Africa. Abayomi and Bernard bring intriguing facts of how the position of the American government in the oppression of people of color is on a trajectory that began in historical eras, like during the slave trade.

They bring to light the significant role of African Americans in the formation of the modern day USA , from its origins to the industrial giant and military power, that wields its influence across the world. The labor of African American ancestors was pivotal in the growth of the USA’ present ruling elite too.

African Americans have made all this enormous progress under relentless racism and oppression, where they have been treated as “capital” and “property” in every area of life, including the film and music industry. Abayomi and Bernard make a point that this is a world-wide problem against Africans not only confined to the USA.

Many hoped that President Obama’s presidency would progressively improve the livelihood of African Americans in the USA, but the discussion reveals that exact opposite, where a lot of rights and opportunities for African Americans have become more and more compromised. It is explained that this is for the sake of consequentially eliminating African American political power.

Blacks are effectively classed as second class citizens, were basic rights like health, social and education services are at a very low standard that worsens the livelihood of African Americans. The rich have all their rights, but for Blacks and the poor, rights if any, are very limited.

In light of this topic, the case of the 65 year old Assata Shakur was relevant to discuss from its roots. The African American freedom fighter who has been living in Cuba in exile since 1984, was placed on the FBI’s most wanted list on the 40th anniversary of her shooting and capture, the 2nd of May. A bounty of $US2 million has been offered by the USA, an increase from a sum of $US1 million instituted about 15 years ago.

Abayomi & Bernard illustrate how Assata’s case is being used by the USA government to intimidate Black activists from protesting for their freedoms, through a clear signal that there will be repercussions against those who would pursue revolutionalism and progressive politics. It is explained that the aim is to keep Americans, politically confined. This has however not stopped African Americans for looking for political alternatives.

The discussion concludes projecting a strong message on the importance of authentic information gathering for Africa, developed, managed and disseminated by Africans. This is aligned with message reverberating from the Conference of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa hosted by President Robert Mugabe in Harare this week.

Transparent information yields to true power, and Africans must find their own plausible ways of information gathering for the benefit of Africa’s freedom, security and advanced development, while protecting our resources so that they are used for the interests of the African people.

The program was concluded by Kudakwashe with a fundamental biblical message on the role of Christianity in building highways of freedom. Emphasizing that giving freedom is the primary ministry of true Christianity, she speaks on the role of leaders and citizens in the pursuit of freedom – with the heart of Christ.

Abayomi Azikiwe’s work is mainly available from Pan-African News Wire at The Pan-African News Wire is an international electronic press service designed to foster intelligent discussion on the affairs of African people throughout the continent and the world.

Since January 1998, this press agency has published thousands of articles and dispatches in newspapers, magazines, journals, research reports, blogs and websites throughout the world. Abayomi is also a frequent commentator on global political matters across various international media, including Press TV & Russia Today. He is available on facebook and twitter too.

Bernard White has been a Media Veteran for 35 years. He is the former Program Director of the listener sponsored WBAI radio based in New York City. As the Co-founder of CPR Metro, he is passionately involved exposing the truth of diverse matters, especially, affecting African Americans, through relevant media. Because of this, he also hosts a daily magazine of issues of particular significance to the African American community, dubbed, Emanations.

CPR Metro is a community-based multi-media organization created to remedy the lack of media attention devoted to critical issues affecting our lives. It also provides an opportunity for listeners and supporters to learn media skills and construct a media organization that will serve community interests.

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