The Story of Edward Snowden, NSA Leaker, Proves White Privilege Is Alive And Well

Edward Snowden, NSA Leaker

I've often stated time and time again that white males, even those with the most minimum of qualifications, have access to opportunities blacks and other minorities can only dream about.

Enter Edward Snowden, the NSA Leaker. 

Mr. Snowden, the 29 year old high school drop out, and later GED recipient, who had joined the military briefly and dropped out of that after only 14 weeks, was able to go from a security guard job to overnight obtaining a top secret government clearance and snagging a $200,000 government job in Hawaii. This afforded Mr. Edward Snowden, by his own words, a "very comfortable life". This kind of story has "white privilege" written all over it.

His 1,559 square foot rented home in Hawaii, was more home than many black college grads could even afford. Even those with advanced degrees. Quite simply not because of a lack of brain power or effort, but their race. I mean seriously, who would have given a black guy with Mr. Snowden's record a chance like that? Not a chance in hell that would have happened.

This guy was able to live it up with just a GED.

So I'm reading the news reports that call this dude a "computer whiz" and they call every white guy who does something provocative, whether good or bad, a "whiz". My mother and I both noticed this. Even the serial killers who are white, they say are "Geniuses". The Aurora, Colorado shooter was called a "Genius" before it was divulged he had FLUNKED OUT OF COLLEGE. 

The media is so quick to paint white guys as "Geniuses". Now I understand why even the dumb ones can quickly obtain high positions over better qualified minorities. 

If Edward Snowden were a black guy he most likely would have needed an advanced degree from an Ivy League school to snag that kind of a job at 29 years old in Hawaii of all places. The media would have picked apart how he was even able to get that damn job in the first place being a high school dropout, instead of quickly lying to the public like the guy is some sort of "genius".

You just really can't trust the media. It is ran by Jews and white supremacists who have an interest, for some reason, in hiding the fact white supremacy and white privilege is alive and well.

It really irks me when the media lies so consistently for white men who have obtained high positions or done dumb shit to get in trouble with the law and who are in the news. They seem to have a problem identifying the "white privilege" white skin confers on an individual, especially in circumstances like that of Mr. Edward Snowden.

Edward Snowden's 1,559 square foot
rented home in Hawaii

In Conclusion, I take no exception to what Mr. Snowden did. That took guts. While Americans are fighting for everyone else's freedom (except black folks in Africa who happen to be under dictatorships) our own freedoms are being taken away. Americans are tracked from birth through their social security number which you have to give to every single business you do business with pretty much.

Our Internet activities are tracked. Our phone calls. Our addresses. Our jobs. Our pay. Our affiliations. EVERYTHING.

And I agree with Mr. Snowden in his statement that he doesn't want to live in a country where everything he says and does is recorded. Just like I don't want to live in a country where white men, by virtue of their skin, are afforded privileges black people, even those with comparable or higher qualifications, can only dream about.

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