Living In Texas Is Punishing. Did I Offend The Gods Or Something?

Texas is not all it's cracked up to be. It is way overrated I have come to find. I live in Dallas and I have pretty much made up my mind I'm leaving this hell hole. Here are some major issues I have with Texas.

1. The HEAT - For the love of God why does it get so  hot out here?  I got in my car the other day and placed my hands on the steering wheel only to find myself crying out in agony and quickly pulling them away. The rubber (or whatever material coats the steering wheel)  had started to melt! Really? Who would have thought it would get so hot the steering wheel would start to literally rub off in a person's hands?

2. Pollen - Now I'm not sure if pollen is what's causing my allergies to go haywire or if its
something else, however, I NEVER had allergies in my LIFE until I moved to Texas. Suddenly I have shooting pains in my neck (both sides), constantly burning eyes, running nose and my sinuses (another problem I did not experience before moving to Texas) are constantly draining. I was in so much pain I went to my doctor and he diagnosed it as "Allergies". Damn...

3. Bad Roads - I'm so use to living in places with BLACKTOP which offers a super smooth ride that I have never gotten use to roads that are like sandpaper with deep grooves in them that push my car from side to side as I drive. Some parts of the road are higher than others and I have at times found myself driving with the drivers side up and the passenger side down or vice versa. I have new tires and because of the combination of both heat and terrible roads I have found myself replacing my tires twice as much as I should have to. Now I understand why so many Texans drive sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks.. because these things can handle bad roads better. Isn't it sad that Texas roads are so bad that one needs to have an off road vehicle to truly be safe on them?

4. SKY HIGH Electricity Bills - This goes without explaining pretty much as I have already
mentioned in my first reason Texas is Hot as Hell for most of the year. So hot in fact that when I go out I barely see anyone that's walking or out and about. People come out at night. Jog at night. Walk their dogs at night. We have to run our air conditioners NON STOP pretty much for most of the year and electricity bills eats up a significant portion of our earnings. Well, "my" earnings at least.

5. Few Employee Rights - "Employee Rights"? What is that? Unfortunately that is a term most native Texans have never heard of. Texas is a state where people have few if any rights as in most Southern states against their employers. As a result I have seen employers do really dirty, really underhanded, possibly illegal things to their employees. I have seen employers change the terms of pay (by lowering the pay suddenly) in the middle of a person's contract (and yes here in Texas they get away with it too). I have seen employers fail to pay employees (until those employees threatened to sue). I have seen both subtle and overt racism (which is another point by itself) in hiring and pay and discrimination. I have seen ALL sorts of abuse here in Texas and a lot of "hostility" against workers and that is another reason I am thinking of running away from this state.

6. Super Duper, Incredibly Insulting LOW PAY -   Texas employers, and in particular
Dallas, Fort Worth, are flooded with labor as Texas is one of the fastest growing states (if people only knew where they were moving to) and as a result of so many people flooding into the Texas market, the Texas employers have bottomed out the pay across all fields pretty much and reduced benefits if they offer benefits at all.  There are plenty of employers in Texas, many of whom are making record profit according to News Reports, that are paying a few dollars above minimum wage and offering NO benefits whatsoever to their workers. 

Here in Texas a disproportionate number of the employers also mis-classify workers as contract when they are not, or they simply hire Temporary Staffing agencies to "permanently" staff entire offices keeping their workers with as little pay, security and benefits as possible. There is only one reason for this and that is GREED.

7. SCAMS - Texas is full of scams. A lot of which appear to be legitimate businesses but are in
fact simply scams. Because Texas is so "under" regulated these businesses move into Texas, rip off a bunch of folks (inside and outside of Texas), make a few million, and suddenly close up shop when they get sued and reopen under an entirely new name. The governor and the sleazy Texas Politicians could care less.

8. ACNE - I moved to Texas with FLAWLESS SKIN. Beautiful, Creamy skin. So why is it that all of a sudden I am getting breakouts of acne? I've always cared for my skin, exfoliated daily and moisturized as well but damn.. now I have to see a dermatologist. What the hell?

9. Lack of Consumer Protection Laws - This speaks for itself. The only ones who seem to benefit from the lack of Texas business regulations are the businesses themselves and that is NEVER a good thing. Consumers, just like workers in this state get the shaft. There are all sorts of questionable start ups that can pop up easily and take advantage of a whole bunch of poor folks, with the black and brown demographic usually catching the brunt of their greed.

10. Ignorance - I hate the ignorance here in Texas I have encountered. From BOTH sides. The racism I have experienced from white people has mostly been in corporate America here. They are overtly racist here in Texas. Probably so damn racist because the black people here have been dumbed down for years through intimidation, bad, fatty foods and a lack of a quality education. The blacks here in Texas simply don't know "HOW TO FIGHT" and that is one reason Texas has the dubious distinction of being the LAST STATE TO FREE THE SLAVES. 

The blacks in Texas did not even know they were freed two whole fucking years AFTER the Emancipation Proclamation. Wow. Many of the white people in Texas are so dirty and underhanded, and oppressive towards blacks because the blacks here don't like to challenge them. They simply drop their heads and go with the flow. The are too damn stupid to know they are willing participants in their own oppression and degradation. Many blacks in Texas know NOTHING of their history and believe all the lies they are told by those in power about themselves. They are quick to settle for the bottom basement in pay and treatment. Blacks here are an easily oppressed group, easy to exploit, walk over, mistreat, malign, and abuse. All I can do is shake my head. How will we ever be a strong people if we are so easy to divide and conquer? The white man has punished blacks for thinking for so long that many of us have simply forgotten how to.

Last point on this which is there is a deep hatred for self many of the black people have in this state. This is evidenced by how they are so desperate to date outside their own race that they settle for the absolute bottom barrel uneducated whites. I have seen and know of black women who have dated and become pregnant by white men here who were homeless. These men had nothing to offer these women yet these black women had everything (between their legs of course) to offer these men. These women were so strung up on finally being with a white man they overlooked all of his flaws. The fact he was not working, had no car, no income whatsoever and they would go and LAY with this man and BEAR his child just because he was WHITE.

On the reverse, black men have chased fat, unattractive, uneducated white women over better
qualified, attractive black women. Why? They don't know. Because they are simply color struck. The white skin, to a self hating negro, carries prospects of PRIVILEGE. Even when the white person is is from a very underprivileged background. However, the ones dating blacks in Texas I've noticed mostly are. I see these couples walking into Walmart, both stinking up the store, looking sweaty and obvious to how they look together which is HORRID.

If I have learned anything in this life, it is this: POVERTY MAKES STRANGE BEDFELLOWS.

11. Racism and Lack of Upward Mobility for Many Blacks - The two go hand in hand. Texas
is a very racist state. Inside and outside of corporate America. No matter ones qualifications, if they are black, chances are they will encounter a glass ceiling. Our hard work, I have come to find, is just not rewarded the same as the hard work of white males would be. We have to work harder just to keep our jobs and often give up on promotions as promotions are often so out of reach for us.