Employee Complaints Detailing Abusive, Racist Treatment By Wingspan Portfolio Advisors Keep Coming.

SVP, Justin Belter
Constructive Discharge attempt by employer to have me quit.

It was the idea of Stephan Lang to move me from team to team throughout the Unit 57 throughout my tenure at WINGSPAN.

Stephan Lang Director at Wingspan indicated that I had potential and that he wanted to mentor me into becoming a member of management and so forth; however this was a lie as he did nothing to secure this facade.

Justin Belter the SVP at WINGSPAN also made false promises to me as he indicated that I would be made permanent within the next wave of hiring. This is a problem as mostly minority employees were not made permanent however worked long hours and days to prove themselves to management so that they could potentially go permanent.

I had worked at the company for 11 months and had not been selected to go permanent with the company even though less qualified and less tenured white employees went permanent much quicker and without the qualifications that I possessed.

I was consistently at the top of the production charts called DASHBOARD, for the entire time that I worked at WINGSPAN. Each month beating out other Advocates in the number of closures, attendance, quality etc. but never acknowledged for my hard work, while other white associates were made team leaders, promoted, and made permanent with raises. I never received this entire length of employment at WINGSPAN.

Wingspan intentionally came up with clever ideas to make me quit. Names on my cases had been changed mysteriously, cases taken from me and assigned to other individuals without notice to hurt my numbers, sabotage as one case failed after George Berryman former Unit Manager Caucasian male, had one of my documents switched so that it would appear that I was negligent. If I had not kept records of this document I would have failed that review.

The company treated me very badly as I was the top producing advocate at the site
and the white people who run it did not want to give me praise or promote me because of my race. If you check the status of all the employees at the site you will see that every month consistently I was at the top of the production rate amongst my peers. However less qualified white workers were exalted.

Wingspan Portfolio Advisors CEO,
Steve Horne

Stephan Lang indicated in front of me as well as Human Resources generalist Jennifer Baines who is a sell out herself and my Unit Manager Stella Cofoid that he wanted to move me in management however wanted me to have a good team lead to help me progress. However all that changed in March of 2013 when my newly team lead Michael Parish was switched to another team on the opposite end of the building and replaced him with Anna Dimarzio a team lead who has been known not to like black men.

Anna Dimarzio and her sister Alexis Dimarzio two of the most hated people at the company. They must be blowing the owner in order to keep their jobs. These two witches secretly run the show up there at WINGSPAN as it has been rumored that they are related somehow with the owner of the company which is full of nepotism.

Anna Dimarzio had been reported to Human Resources on several occasions for making threats, racial slurs and sabotage and nothing has been done about it. There are hints of conflict of interests amongst the whole company, as sometimes peoples wives, husbands, cousins, sisters, and brother etc all work at the company and play significant roles in the demise of other potentially eligible persons for roles in management etc.

There are currently no blacks in the top two tiers at Wingspan and I an African American man was attempting to breach that area that has always been all white and I was met with hostility and racism from management who attempted to label me an angry black man who needed proper grooming before entering the field of management, however I had reported the complaints on Anna Dimarzio that other co-workers presented to me during my time working for Associate Counsel.

Anna and Alexis Dimarzio are two trashy white woman who have done so many horrific things at the company and still has a job. She was not escorted off property after threatening to slap an African American woman by the name of Dawn who was her assistant. Dawn took a few days off to cool herself after being threatened at work.

I was escorted off the property on April 6, 2013 a day after I was nominated Employee of the Month for the month of March 2013. Why I don't know. I had done nothing wrong; however I can speculate that the whites in the upper tiers worked with Majail to set me up for this termination as they had attempted to get a paper trial on me previously to no prevail.

I would like to have these matters investigated thoroughly and to my satisfaction with justice.

I have filed a lawsuit this month against the sell out Majail Jackson the one token black they used to have me fired, since i had filed a charge of discrimination against them in November of 2012. Marti the white HR manager told me over the phone when they fired me orally, that I couldn't file discrimination because me and Majail Jackson are in the same protected class.

What that means is that one black firing another black, helps them avoid the whole discrimination suit. Well what they don't understand is that isn't going to be enough because she has violated so many other matters, that I can still sue the company for her actions.

Once I am done suing Ms. Jackson, I will then being suing WINGSPAN as well as BOA as they are Principal and Agent by law, and both can be sued. I will keep you informed of the active lawsuit once it has been completed.

Thank you,
John Boyd 

(Mr. Boyd, Thank you for making your complaint. On-line Complaints are very important to let the public know about racially disparate treatment practiced by Employers. Lawyers, the Media, and members from the Justice Department have all been known to read on-line complaints to get a better understanding of the type of harassment, or discrimination taking place within various organizations.

You have taken a stand. More employees should take a stand. The culture of many of these companies is by design very insulated. They want to do their dirt in the dark. They want to fuck over people and terminate people and get their power trips off of people with no recourse being made available to the employee. These kinds of employers casually dismiss complaints by employers but when the complaints get to be so many they point to a disturbing pattern within an organization. 

In regards to your perception of nepotism within Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, I saw that too. And like you, I believe that Wingspan Portfolio Advisors' management team are mostly related. I believe they are all either family or friends of family and they use the difference in the last names to throw people off but managers simply got away with too much. They would never be fired. Even after having complaints of racial jokes about blacks. They would only be transferred to other jobs or have positions created for them. Many of the supervisors at Wingspan would go from job to job until they found one they liked or they would have a position created for them. People would have Vice President titles and would literally not manage anyone or do anything. Their job functions would be very obscure and hard to explain. In other words they would just seat fillers to ride the company and get an easy paycheck. I do believe Steve Horne has stacked the top tiers of the company with his friends and family for sure.

And you mentioned Majail Jackson. Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, as with all slimy companies, always has a certain number of "cyborgs".. These are people are look like us but are against "US" within their organization they try to rely on to throw off the courts and to hide their discrimination. They use these people as Tools. Once they have no more use for them they dismiss them. These types of organizations are very cut throat and ruthless. It has always been my greatest irk to see black people within any organization be propped up as shields to be used by white management to give them "cover" for their racist acts.

Last, I want to say that when I was employed by Wingspan Portfolio Advisors I also noticed black employees who worked hard, did twice the work as white associates, distinguished themselves in every way honorable, suddenly, without reason, be terminated. I've noticed black associates who were a week before nominated to be employee of the month suddenly be termed. No reason. There is a glass ceiling at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors and quite frankly they don't want blacks to break through it. 

The racism at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors is insidious. There are employees who have been mentally traumatized from working at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors and who can not work again. For anyone. Ever. The company destroyed them. 

Wingspan Portfolio Advisors is hands down the most evil company I have EVER worked for.

Thanks again for your complaint. God Speed with your lawsuit. Don't give up.)