Bank of America And Wingspan Portfolio Advisors - Why Aren't These Guys In Prison Yet?

Silly me.. You don't go to Prison for Defrauding the Poor. Prisons are for the guys who defraud the Rich.
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Bank of America

Not a day passes when information regarding the possible "alleged" fraud and wrong doing by Bank of America and Wingspan Portfolio Advisors (and others) resurfaces. Allegations which state these two companies conspired to defraud people through pushing people into foreclosures and misleading them about the status of their loans, modification options and original mortgage documents.

Recently and others have come out with court documents which detail allegations by former employees who state "under oath" Fraud and other illegalities is exactly what  occurred. 

So I'm sitting here wondering... Why aren't these guys in Prison yet?

And it suddenly hits me.. 

Silly me.. They aren't going to prison. They aren't going anywhere but to the bank to continue to cash their checks. No one cares about the poor in this country. You defraud the poor and get a slap on the wrist.

You do what Bernie Madoff did which was defraud the RICH and you get put UNDER THE JAIL FOR LIFE.

Capitalism is a joke. A perverse, distorted, evil, JOKE. Corporations run the U.S. Government. Hell, Corporations and Bankers run the world. They have outsized influence.

So again, its a foolish school boy's wishful thinking to believe that if one defrauds the poor they will get punished. No they won't. Bankers and Corporations have been indenturing the masses and defrauding the poor since the history of this nation's founding. It's the ugly little bedroom secret about Capitalism. 

Capitalism makes less than .01% of 1% rich and mires the rest of us in debt where we have no choice but to be wage slaves for the rest of our lives. Capitalism needs a growing indentured class of poor people to stay afloat. 

So no.. The execs at Bank of America and Wingspan Portfolio Advisors won't see the inside of a prison cell anymore than our crooked, paid off politicians will. Prisons are for the guys who dare to defraud the rich.

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