America's Greatest Threat Isn't Al Qaeda, But It's Growing Permanent Underclass

"Old Glory"
Flag of The United States of America

"I love this country. But I fear for its future. Because America doesn't understand that the greatest threat it faces is not from Al-Qaeda. America's greatest threat is from the millions of impoverished and economically disadvantaged Americans who have been systematically left out of the “promise” of America. The promise that this country would be a country where all would have an equal chance to experience America's prosperity is no longer accurate.

Systemic racism, discrimination, or just raw capitalism, which by its very nature seeks to exploit the vulnerable, has ensured that America has a large and growing mass of people who simply can not take part in our prosperity. That is largely by design. These millions of economically disenfranchised people, who have been pushed to the margins of society, who have been overtaxed, overworked and underpaid, abused and exploited in every way are the greatest threat America faces. They are the cancer growing within.

The wealth disparity in this country has created a permanent underclass of people. No weapon our military can create, no expertise of our greatest strategists, can stop the assault of a people who are tired of being the mules of this society. The wealth is concentrated at the very top of this country. The "Capitalism" that exists today within America is a perverse system that indentures the masses while enriching the few. It is based on a long recognized system of white supremacy, which has always had “Greed” at its root.

The rich are the decision makers. Those who are essentially above the law. The Promise of America is a LIE. Maybe at one time there was a promise of America. But certainly not now. The United States has a greater income disparity than many countries of the third world. Those who have never had to work hard are the ones who pass moral judgment on the rest of us. The Millions of impoverished in this country are the threat that has yet to become. If they ever reach collective resolve to change this unjust, predatory and unfair system, they will be the largest fight America will ever face."

The Infinite One