Failed Wingspan Portfolio Advisors Execs Start New Company in Carrollton Texas Called Agility 360


Wingspan Portfolio Advisors CEO, Steve Horne, and Several Execs, Justin Belter, Jason Dickard, Melanie Pellegrino, Kevin Conn and others have all been FORCED INTO RESIGNATION by the financiers of several of Wingspan's FAILED PROJECTS. This all came about when Wingspan Portfolio Advisors started to MISS LOAN PAYMENTS.

Several of these FAILED EXECUTIVES, who have a history of showing FAILED LEADERSHIP, Justin Belter, Jason Dickard and others have jumped ship and rushed to start another company, called Agility 360. Here's its website -->

Not quite sure what this company does but it has presented itself as a "leader" in mortgage products. Funny how these guys were forced into resignation but now they are 'experienced leaders'. If they were such 'leaders' why was Wingspan tanking under their leadership and missing loan payments? Why was Wingspan losing contracts and laying off personnel all over place?

To be totally honest many of these Wingspan Portfolio Advisors Execs had FABRICATED their backgrounds when promoted at Wingspan. Steve Horne had them 'REPACKAGED'. Justin Belter and Melanie Pellegrino went from overnight having NO MORTGAGE EXPERIENCE to suddenly being "Experienced Execs" on their company created LinkedIn Pages with YEARS of experience. What a LIE. A COMPLETE FABRICATION. These guys were a couple of bucks over being minimum wage EMPLOYEES and Steve Horne desperately needed to present them as having experience to win contracts with major banks. I worked with them. They didn't know what the HELL THEY WERE DOING.

But this is what they do know how to do..

MARKETING. They are MARKETING GENIUSES and if they learned NOTHING at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors they learned how to take a bullshit lie and repackage it into being the most believable thing ever. I have learned a lot from them. From observing how they operate.

Now get this.. They have thrown up a fancy website and had no doubt a  PR firm write their bios for them. Take things they know no one would ever check and completely put a spin on it. They've given THEMSELVES TITLES (I laugh at this statement but honestly its how white boys operate). They start a company and give themselves and "their friends" high titles and even if the company fails they can forever use those 'fancy titles' of 'nonexistent job duties' to push themselves forward to the world as 'experienced execs'.

I once heard someone say that white men do this all the time. They get tired of working for others and  so they will work in an industry for a few years and then promote themselves as being 'experts' and that way they charge their own fee and can avoid having their backgrounds fact checked like those of regular hired employees. These guys simply don't have to go through average employment checks when they create the company that supposedly employed them and gave themselves titles.

So in a nutshell this is what Steven Horne did.. He created a company (Wingspan Portfolio Advisors). He either didn't have the extra money to pay for 'experienced' execs or he didn't want to pay for experienced execs. So he took inexperienced personnel and decided to promote them to the world as experienced. He had a PR firm create fantastic 'backgrounds' for these inexperienced workers and suddenly they all found themselves making four times as much as walking around with 'titles'.

Now these same employees, too inexperienced to be hired by another company who might 'fact check their backgrounds' simply decide to 'hire themselves' when shit hits the fan at their first company. They issue press releases when they hire 'each other' for various jobs and even when they hire 'themselves'.. lol.

It's the way it works.. In this world.. of Frauds, Cons, and Scams of various sorts. You do what you have to do to survive.